"Planning With Purpose"
"Planning With Purpose"

        Multiple Areas Of Focus To Help You        "Plan With Purpose"

We believe a sound financial plan is core to achieving your objectives.  While the plan is the working document we utilize to set goals, we still need to implement strategies and solutions utilizing multiple tools and resources available to us.  At High Five, we take a comprehensive approach to financial planning and still focus on the area of your finances that concerns you the most.  Click on one of the links above to learn more about some of our specific planning initiatives. 

This Month's Topic: Oil Prices

For years now we've seen a fairly close correlation between stock and oil prices.  This most recent phenomenon is counter intuitive to the traditional relationship between oil and stocks.  Investors would see the price of oil increase or decline and would tie that movement to the future potential of the U.S. markets.  By now most people have heard of Modern Portfolio Theory.  MPT basically states that if you invest your money in multiple places, you can diversify risk and achieve a more fair risk adjusted return.  Utilizing this theory, Investors should invest in Stocks, Bonds, Cash, Real Estate and Commodities. The idea is that when one goes down, another should go up.  But, over the last several years we've seen anything but this happen.....


How do you stay the course when traditional analytics have failed? How do you know if your plan encompasses potential anomalies on the market like the above mentioned example?


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